Monica Byrne

Monica Byrne


  • American Board Certified Haircolorist (ABCH), 2001
  • Chromastics Master Colorist, 2014

Featured Solo Artist in the salon industry's head-to-toe beauty resource, Modern Salon 



Monica Byrne is an artist who starts with the basics, creates new methods, hones better techniques, and reaches new heights.

Unafraid to explore, Monica's curiosity and creativity have made her a recognized leader in the hair color profession - one whose expertise is sought and whose techniques are often emulated.

From her earliest days in the late 1970's working in small salons, Byrne was drawn to the nuanced specialty of haircolorists. As the industry evolved to embrace evermore sophisticated products and techniques, Monica grew with it inspired by a class by master colorist, and Worldwide Haircolorists president Tom Dispenza, she studied intently and stayed current with the latest trends and products. Monica gained certification with American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) in 2001.

Monica is now a familiar face at ABCH events, because in 2003, its president Andre Nizetich. America's preeminent haircolor educator, invited her to become an ABCH educator.

In 2014, Monica earned the Chromastics Master Colorist certification, (with credentials personally presented to her by her mentor, Tom Dispenza) and as an educator is much in demand.

Her eager manner, enthusiasm for teaching, and mastery of haircolor has led to invitations to teach around the country. Whether teaching at a national level in Los Angeles or New York, or mentoring apprentice colorists early in their careers at her home base in Falmouth, Maine, Byrne is excited by opening up new possibilities to those who share her passion for her profession.

Mentors played an important role in Monica's professional development, so she's eager to pay that forward to younger stylists who are just starting out. Always a believer in giving back in order to inspire the next generation, Monica leads by example as one who is always learning, always testing, always looking for new and reliable ways to create beauty.