Education Is Power

Take a minute to think about your last salon visit and ask yourself:

Did I get what I wanted? 
Was my cut, color what I asked for - really what I asked for?
Was the receptionist pleasant and helpful, or was she too busy with something/someone else? Did I have her full attention?
Is my stylist current on cut/color trends?
Is the business of the salon professional, helpful, and accommodating?

Education is power and the beauty industry is no exception

You may find yourself wondering how knowledgeable your stylist is. And while the ability of haircolorists varies from one to the next, there is always more for the stylist to learn. Educational events are held in cities year round that feature all aspects of the beauty industry and are available to all industry professionals. Make sure to seek out professionals who are recognized "Board Certified Hair Colorists". is a great resource to find a nationally accredited hair colorist in your area.

Monica teaching alongside some of the best hair colonists in the industry at the 2015 ABCH Energizing Summit in L.A.

The American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH)

I just returned from teaching (my 10th year) at the ABCH Energizing Summit in LA, an educational event that offers classes ranging from accounting and bookkeeping, to social media marketing to grow your business, to hair color techniques that would blow your mind.

Several hundred hair industry professionals from across the country and a few international folks came and learned a wide range of skills and techniques to make your future visits all that you want. Color chemistry is tricky, so make sure you seek out and demand professionals. 

Monica Byrne in Los Angeles, CA at the 2015 ABCH Energizing Summit sharing skills with all the great folks in attendance.

Monica Byrne in Los Angeles, CA at the 2015 ABCH Energizing Summit sharing skills with all the great folks in attendance.

Be brave and talk to your stylist or salon owner

The stylists and salons that deserve your business always strive to bring you the most up to date techniques and products. Remember, hair is a collaborative process between you and your stylist so it's important to have an open conversation. Some questions you may want to ask:

  1. What did you learn at you last educational event? When was it?
  2. Ask about new services (straightening, color, smoothing) as well as new products the salon offers.
  3. Inquire about the education your stylist received. Make sure their training was hands-on so they know the techniques and products that will work best for your hair.

The stylists that continue to learn and grow do it for the passion. Pleasing clients is the drive, because they know that you are worth it. And so do I

If you're in the Portland, ME area call me to schedule a consult: Monica Byrne @ (207)-838-1491

Monica Byrne, ABCH Educator, at the 2015 ABCH Energizing Summit.

About Monica

Monica Byrne, owner of Monica Byrne Studio LLC, is an American Board Certified Colorist (ABCH) and ABCH Educator, and recently earned the Chromastics Master Colorist certification presented by her mentor, Tom Dispenza. Byrne is an artist; she starts with the basics and creates innovative methods, better techniques, and reaches new heights with color. Unafraid to explore, her curiosity and creativity have made her a recognized leader in the industry, one whose expertise is sought-after and whose techniques are emulated with confidence and predictable results. Her eager manner, enthusiasm for teaching, and mastery of haircolor opens up new possibilities to those who share her passion for color. Always a believer in giving back in order to inspire the next generation, Byrne leads by example as one who continues to learn, test and look for new and reliable ways to create beauty.